Palace Skateboards

Palace Skateboards started as a small London project and is now, along with Supreme, one of the hottest streetwear brands in the world. The limited run of pieces, the eye-catching design, and fashionable approach to skateboarding are some of the reasons why Palace is in ever-increasing demand. 

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VHS luxury.

Palace Skateboards is a London-based skateboard brand founded in 2009 by Levent Tanju. In only a few years the brand has evolved from a small local brand into one of the largest streetwear brands in the world, with an estimated annual turnover of over ten million euros. The striking triangular logo certainly helps... the triangle is so iconic that it has become at least as recognizable as that of Supreme.

If that weren't enough, the crew behind the brand makes Palace all the more special. An international affair on all accounts, skateboarders like Benny Fairfax and Lucien Clark each have their own board. Palace has also collaborated with every cultural niche under the sun. A sneaker with Reebok, a deck in collaboration with the Tate, a line with adidas and Umbro. Even if Tanju's goal is to be able to give his pals the money they need to be able to skate into their dying days, it hasn't stopped him from collaborating with smaller skate crews that share their VHS meets nineties rave culture aesthetic, like Bronze 56k.

You can only find Palace apparel and accessories in selected stores worldwide, or to be purchased from their weekly Friday releases, but we are happy to have decks in stock.