Krooked Skateboards

Founded by legendary skater and artist Mark "The Gonz" Gonzales, the artworks from Krooked Skateboards are unmistakable. It can't hurt that Krooked decks are also unrivaled in their skateability.


"Get it Strait, ride Krooked."

Mark Gonzales was already riding for Real when he decided to create his own skateboarding company in 2002. Not just create, but also head the graphics, art, promotional material, and advertisements. It's no wonder Transworld SKATEboarding named him "Most Influential Skateboarder Of All Time."   

Krooked is one of the brands formed under the San Francisco-based Deluxe Distribution, among the likes of Thunder, Venture, Antihero, and  Spitfire. The brand was bound to be loved by skateboarders all around the world, so it is all the more magical that the decks coming out of Krooked are second to none. Flashy, bright, surrealist artwork not just from Gonz, but from the rest of the team, too. Mike Anderson, Dan Drehobl, Ronnie Sandoval. The wood is stiff, but not too stiff, and 450 its pop and concave for a good long time.