Independent Trucks

Since the very beginning, Independent Trucks have stood for long-lasting and robust trucks. The brand with the cross relies not only on its good reputation, but also their wares. Their effortlessly light Hollows do a lot of the heavy lifting, but we make sure to stock Indy's in many lengths and sizes.


Built to grind.

The Independent Truck Company has been along for the ride since 1978. There isn't a singlee skateboarder out there who has not screwed a pair of Indys to their boards at least once. The trucks have evolved just as much as skateboarding itself, with eleven stages and constant alterations to designs since the beginning. But one thing has always remained the same: the quality. Through all the tweaks, all the noseslides and tailgrinds, the robust truck has been preserved to this day to be slick, speedy, and steer direct, a decisive argument for the infinite skaters who swear by Independent Trucks.

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