Hockey Skateboards

Hockey Skateboards is the sister-brand to Fucking Awesome, and was created by Jason Dill and Anthony van Engelen to satisfy the needs and wants of the talented skateboarders in their circle. Hockey has and continues to prove itself to be the brand that stands for the sheer essence of skateboarding.

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Eyes without a face.

When you think about hockey, you probably think about the ice sport known for its rough and tumble gameplay. Maybe you think of harsh Canadian winters. Most vivdly, perhaps, the image that comes to mind is the goalkeeper's mask, a testament to how brutal the game can be. 

With too much talent happening over at Fucking Awesome, Dill and AVE decided that the best way to satisfy the brutal skateboarding styles of John Fitzgerald and Donovon Piscopo is to give them the space they need to do their thing.

The result: raw skateboarding meets give-no-shits attitude meets sweet drops of all kinds, whether that's apparel, decks, clips, parts, or videos.