Butter Goods

The guys from Butter Goods in Perth, Australia have been playing the game of stylish skating since 2008. Smooth like butter.


Smooth like butter


Worried that skateboarding brands are bigger and more popular than ever before... that the wants and needs of skaters are being ignored by the corporate masses? Honestly, same. Which is why we are happy stockists of Butter, brought to you by the boys from down under.

It all started in Perth, Australia in 2008, when Butter Goods was born with its first t-shirts to illustrate its love of jazz. However, the two founders Matthew Evans and the owner of the Lo-Fi Store Garth Mariano got to know each other some time earlier, when they were still at school together. That the choice of seats would one day lead to one of the best-known garment brands in the international skate scene is something the two would never have dreamed of back then. 

Today, the homies around Butter Goods not only attract attention with their down-to-earth videos and the street photography of Casey Foley or Ben Gore, which reflect the local skate scene, but also with a meanwhile world-famous team: Mike Arnold, Alex Schmidt or Taylor Nawrocki belong to it as well as the aforementioned photographers. Ultimately, the crew from Australia convinces with their streetwear collections inspired by the 90s every time anew. Butter Goods stands not only for authentic skatewear, but also for quality that can be seen. By skaters - for skaters.




We might even go so far as to say that a truly well-balanced meal would be incomplete without a bit of Butter. If you need another reason as to what makes Butter so special, their skate clips seal the deal.