Nike ACG

Nike ACG - the innovation engine of Nike. But what does the abbreviation ACG actually stand for and what is the concept behind it? Quite simply - ACG stands for ALL CONDITION GEAR and the concept behind it is to create innovative products for the experience in and away from nature. For the high-quality Nike ACG collection, only highly functional and sustainable materials are used.

The ACG name first appeared in Nike's archives in 1988. The first "hiking sneaker" Air Pegasus ACG laid the foundation for the collection, and it successfully evolved into the "Lava Dome" and "Wildwood" sneakers in 1989, as well as a small weatherproof outdoor collection.

The big breakthrough finally came in 1991 with the "Air Mowabb" designed by chief designer Tinker Hatefield - an outdoor cross-training shoe. The Mowabb took the design of the "Wildwood" and the "Air Huarache" (both released the same year) and fused it with influences like Native American moccasins and the landscape of Moab, Utah. The shoe's outlandish colors and speckled midsole became a staple of the Nike ACG collection, and the "Air Mowabb" OG remains a must-have for any Nike fan to this day.