Facing the challenges of today's globalized world, Altidude has made the deliberate decision to keep all production in European Union countries. This strengthens regional economies and rewards reliable suppliers and ethical production policies and it also shortens delivery times. Thus, by conforming to all EU legislation regarding fair working conditions, Altidude reinforces its holistic approach and encourages the responsible manufacturing of outdoor gear of the highest possible quality.

Once there was a hiker who lost his favorite beanie in the mountains. It was really cozy and was his favorite color. But when he came back to civilization, and wanted to buy another one just exactly like it, he found that the company didn't sell them anymore. Most companies rethink their collections every year and discontinue models to make way for newer more fashionable ones. So there is no way to get that favorite piece of gear you bought a couple of years ago and loved so much. With this in mind, this guy teamed up with an old friend who specializes in knitwear production. Together they founded their own label. Our logo has been inspired by the graphics of Icelandic cartoonist, Hugleikur Dagsson ( ALTIDUDE was born. And ALTIDUDE loves classics. By adding a 100% Merino wool liner to classic headwear attire ALTIDUDE created functional headwear which doesn’t look like your typical outdoor gear. You can wear it on arctic expeditions or in urban environments. Some things can just not be improved on. So ALTIDUDE promises to keep producing the models that provide so much enjoyment for our customers. But of course there are always new developments, and we also promise to be on the cutting edge of textile technology to provide you with the very best quality available, always.