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Jenkem Vol. 3

It’s been quite some time, but Jenkem back with the third and final installment in their Jenkem Book Series. That’s right, Jenkem Vol. 3 is finally here, consisting of 100% new content, completing the book trilogy they started back when they were even younger and dumber.


In the years since Vol. 2, they’ve ventured into different formats of printed materials, like doing a few activity books and even a commemorative 10-year zine, but they wanted to get back to their roots and bring you some deep skateboarding investigations, new interviews, and hi-res pictures of butts.


Vol. 3 is 250+ pages of interviews, photo essays, long reads, and more all packed into a fancy hardcover book that might even trick your parents into thinking it’s a high end art publication. If you own copies of Vol. 1 and/or Vol. 2, you’ll definitely want to get this one to cap off the collection properly.


For the newest book, they focused their time and effort on telling stories they’ve hunted for years but just couldn’t get. There are always those stories that are incredibly elusive, be it due to fickle personalities or endless games of phone tag. Getting to roll away from some of these is their version of landing an NBD, and they tried to go the extra mile to create something that covers the past, present, and future of skateboarding.


Inside, you’ll find some very familiar names to get you stoked, and possibly a few newer ones you’ll be happy we put you onto.

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