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Michael Paul - CEO
Why we say to our CEO Pauli and not Michael, we still do not know so well today, but we know that this has already a lot on his Skate-Life. First skateshop experiences in the previous century with RÄG Supreme, later chief editor of the Austrian skateboard magazine AVENUE and afterwards as publisher of his own Skatemag YEYO, he went to the shop owners together with Günther Zott with the STIL-LADEN 2005. Pauli always tries to promote the style-shop through his own collections, collaborations, contests, profit games, etc., which he has probably done well so far. Because of his second business stand - the PAAR Sneakerboutique and not least his young son, he is always very busy, but still manages to change between the change of diapers and order forms.


Christian Tanzer - Head of Sales
Actually, it is hard to believe that the initials of Chrisi are CT and not OG. He has always been a part of the Viennese skateboarding scene and has known our Pauli since the earliest Skateshop days. And because his brush stroke is just as fine as the blade with which he can lead, he has painted for us the inside of the shop and also constantly refined on the customer's clothing. On the skateboard he is usually found in the inner city, whose history he probably knows more than some grandparents.

Reini Woditsch - Employe of the Year
Reini aka. In addition to his training as a sports instructor, the "Herr Lehrer" is responsible for the many fun and content-heavy texts. Now and again he is still in the store, if he is not exactly with his "Call Boyz" the socialmedia world enriched with great postings. As an experienced sports pedagogue, he not only makes a good figure at the Turnsall, but is also often on four roles, leaving his traces in Vienna and in his home country - the Burgenland.

LEE - Apprentice
Lee is the youngest in the team and makes his apprenticeship as a retail & ecommerce builder at the Stil-Laden. If he does not spend his nights in the Flex Club, he is in the shop his "man". The swarm of women and the darling of all the young mothers is now a very important part of the style shop family and we hope that he will continue to keep us with his youthful and unshakable nature.