Venture Trucks

Venture trucks were an integral part of skateboarding in the 90s, and remain so to this day. Venture trucks are light and flexible trucks, loved by many but especially prized by street tech wizards.

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Trucks that matter.

Venture Trucks was founded by Fausto Vitello and Eric Swenson in the late 80s, along with other well-known skateboard brands like Independent etc. Originally designed as pure street skating trucks, they were one of the most commonly seen trucks on the road at the beginning of the 90s.

From the beginning, venture was different from the other truck companies. It was all about giving the skaters what they wanted and needed, but didn't have. For San Francisco skaters like Mike Carroll who were skating the Embarcadero every day, this meant finding trucks that were small enough for their 40mm diameter wheels. 

Even today, countless street skaters rely on the lightweight construction of Venture Trucks. The creation of a hollow kingpin was just the beginning... the brand is now further developing their V-Light model to have hollow axles, too. 

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