The Elders

Some time ago, a group of Vienna skaters came together. Why? A love for skateboarding, a love for skateboarding in Vienna, and a (what some might consider) relatively old age. The result? Ball bearings, hardware, and softgoods. 

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You can always teach an old dog new tricks.

Skateboarding has been at home in Vienna for a long time. Long enough, at least, to have several generations of skateboarders in our canon. It's not an uncommon sight to see a ten-year-old and a forty-year-old man at the same skatepark. More often than not, trying the same tricks! 

Hence the name: the Elders. Just a group of people who will be skateboarding long into retirement, body allowing. With regular skate trips and plenty of footage to go around, the Vienna skate scene would be lost without them! Stil-Laden is stoked to stock hardware from the Elders... be sure to grab them while they're hot, they go fast!