Pass~Port Skateboards

Pass ~ Port is skateboarding brand from Australia that is definitely one to watch. The roots of the company are neatly packaged into the design of their boards and clothing. Collaborations with Nike SB, Carhartt, and Vans certainly prove that the guys from Sydney are doing everything right.


No kangaroos in Austria.

It may feel like Australia is on the other side of the world, but when you watch the gang behind Pass-Port put their videos together, it somehow feels like you're watching somebody you know. Skateboarding, in that way, is kind of like a passport. As long as you have one, the world is your oyster. Their talent for authenticity matches their talent for animation, and watching these video parts has the same feel of watching Tom and Jerry.

It's so simple, so effortless, and so fun to watch that you feel like a kid all over again. There's something about the videography and video effects that feel nostalgic and pure, like a good holiday with good friends, way back when. Their decks and apparel reflect their passion for skateboarding, and we are proud and happy to have their stuff in the shop.