Magenta Skateboards

Magenta Skateboards is one of a few French outfits that have managed to attract international attention. Why? It's a toss-up between the beautiful deck designs by Soy Panday, the aesthetic video clips by Vivienne Feil, and the vibes of a good team. 

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Boulevard de Magenta, Paris.

The secret to the rising stardom of this humble skateboarding crew? A good graphic can go a long way. The clear, artistic, and stylish approach has stolen many hearts since 2010, all thanks to Soy Panday and brothers Vivien and Jean Feil. The name comes from the street where Soy and Vivien shared an apartment for some time, and has since evolved into the name of a skateboard company that has collaborated with the likes of adidas and more. Though much has changed since the days of the apartment in Paris, some things remain the same. They are still skating hard, but now in Bordeaux. There are still skaters at every stage of the operation, from design and marketing to the woodshop. The team is now home to well-known skaters from around the world, including Leo Valls, Jimmy Lannon, and Ben Gore. [/column_left]
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[column_left] Skateboarding is creative and meaningful for countless people, and it was high time somebody shared the passion, freedom, and independence with the world. [/column_left]