Loophole Wheels

You asked, and Zach Chamberlin listened: behold! The amazing wheels made of the highest quality urethane available in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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There may not be a need to reinvent the wheel. However, there certainly are a lot of wheels to choose from. So how is a guy who makes wheels supposed to set himself apart from the rest? Premium high-quality urethane is a good place to start. What about cutting the wheels by hand, using moulds to minimise waste? Even better.

Not to mention a sick group of skaters who travel the world over for tricks and incredible videos. The gang prides themselves on "finding positive loopholes through the roughness", which can only mean good times ahead. Wheels that slide and powerslide great, but don't slide out on turns? Count us in. 


Loophole Wheels '6 Pack' in South Korea and Japan from zacher on Vimeo.