Levi's Skate Collection

The Levi's Skateboarding Collection was specially designed by and for skateboarders. The classic Levi's cut has been retained, and bolstered to compliment the needs of skateboarders. With Cordura material for durability and double stitching around the areas most stressed by skateboarding, as well as T400 Lycra stretch material for comfort and legroom, there is nothing standing in your way when it's time to go and skate.

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The Levi's story.

When Levi Strauss helped talk tailor Jacob Davis into the idea of ​​reinforcing the corners of his trousers with a rivet, he wasn't thinking about skateboarding. It was, after all, 1873. In 1890 the first pants with the patent number 501 went into production, and the rest is history. Levi's has consistently maintained itself as a brand with extremely resistant jeans, and an authentic connection to workwear heritage. The quality of the pants have since proved themselves useful in the relatively recent Levi's Skateboarding collection.  




Strong made stronger.

Endurance, freedom, community, and an authentic skateboarding lifestyle are a few of the standards that Levi's Skateboarding sets for themselves and the skateboarding community at large. Levi's understands the importance of that freedom feeling when you get on your board, and want to make sure that they can help as many people as possible get skating. This also means making sure that places with a lack of government support get the same opportunity for falling in love with skateboarding. Which is why they regularly head to cities around the world with Make Life Skate Life to build free community skateparks for everyone to use. Everyone.