Fast Skateboard Wheel Co.

The wheels of the Fast Skateboard Wheel Company are stylish and, above all, fast. The English brand describes their Wheels with the following features: Anti-flatspot FAST formula, 76% Rebound tested, Sound tested, FAST as hell, Skate hard, Skate FAST

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Fast Skateboard Wheels are a European skateboard wheel company that uses an 83B premium urethane. Most skateboard wheels measure their durometer in the A format, such as 99a or 101a like Spitfire Formula Four wheels. The B durometer gives more scale to the hardness of the wheel. 83B is a very hard wheel, measuring around 103a.


Fast Skateboard Wheels boast a pan-Euro super team consisting of Barney Page, Albert Nyberg and Nisse Ingemarsson - all from Sour Skateboards. Ville Wester from Polar Skate Co, Jaakko Ojanen from Element Skateboards and Ulph Andersson, Julian Kimura, Sam Sitayeb, Curtis Pearl make up the rest of the team.