Cortina Bearings & Co.

High performance skateboard bearings. Designed with power, speed, and luxury in mind. Premium polished precision raceway and balls. Removable frictionless rubber shields for a smoother, longer lasting ride.

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Bearings - old fashion

There's no skateboarding without wheels, and you can't have wheels without bearings. Cortina Bearing Co. knows there are infinte ways you can build a bearing, and promise that their bearings really are a cut above the rest.  

Consider how small bearings are, and the ways in which attention to detail can effect friction, resistance, longevity, and even the sound your skateboard makes when you're kicking and pushing. A Cortina Co. bearing does what it says on the tin, literally. The packaging is just as sick as things themselves, and if you didn't think you needed flames engraved on your bearings, now you know.

Along with an ultra-stacked team, the bearing company started 2021 with a collaboration with Playboy, and are sure to make good on their promise for luxury.