Confus Skateboards

Confus is one of Vienna's several kick-ass skateboard crews. With skater/filmmaker Martin Fehrer as their leader, the gang never seems to run out of obstacles to conquer. Also among their ranks are talented Stil-Laden teamriders Andi Luger & Manuel Correa, two more reasons to champion the skateboarding that is Confus. 

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Confus have been around at least since 2015, if not longer. They are one of the first names that come to mind when we think of the skating that comes from our incredible local scene. What sort of skating? A combination of brute force and grace that puts Vienna on the map as a destination for skateboarders who want to frontside flip a ten-stair one day and bomb a hill the next.



Links and evidence of feats like these can be found on the Confus Instagram page. Martin and the crew put a lot of effort into filming and capturing tricks, and the footage they have compiled over the years is a testament to traditional skateboarding culture and videography, and a halo surrounding the unique Confus flair that they exude. 

We are proud and happy to supply decks and apparel that the team put out. Based on how quickly we sell out of their goods, it's safe to say Confus take the place as skateboarders' favorite skate crew.