Bones Wheels are your dad's favorite wheels. No joke. With more than 25 years of experience in the wheel business, Bones have left a mark, and are still among the best for your board. Made in the USA. 


100% fewer flat spots.

In 1977, George Powell decided it was high time for an offshoot to his Santa Barbara skateboarding company Powell Peralta. Skateboarders were quickly skating their transparent wheels to shreds, and skateboarding was slowly but surely maturing as a sport.

Powell is a whip smart creative dude who continues to give skaters the best out there... wheels that were faster than the last, that could last as long as possible. He experimented with commercial grade compounds until settling on the ratios for the iconic, white, opaque, skeleton bone wheel that today is considered the industry standard.

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By revolutionizing the quality of urethane, Bones has played a huge hand in shaping the future of modern skateboarding. Whether you skate park, tranny, or street, Bones has designed a wheel to help you achieve peak performance in your domain.

The skateboard wheels and their high performance double action hard core bushing pride themselves on being made in America, where the ancient art and history of skateboarding make themselves at home.