Adidas Skateboarding

Adidas Skateboarding makes sneakers that are not only cool, but also at the forefront of innovation and quality. The team around Dennis Busenitz, Lucas Puig, and Mark Gonzales stand on their own, even without the shoes that shaped them. The shoe with the three stripes for the board with four wheels.


The adidas Skateboarding story.

The skateboarding division of the brand with the three stripes was launched in 1998. However, skaters have been resorting to adidas sneakers from the adidas Original collections long before then. It wasn't until skate legend Mark Gonzales arrived on the scene that adidas skateboarding became what it is today: a respected brand with a team of world-class skaters.

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The adidas Skateboarding collection.

Over the last few years, adidas has invested heavily in the development of new sneaker models. The result is a range of innovative models such as the adidas 3ST.004 shoes, the first skateboard sneaker with the adidas BOOST technology. Another important pillar of the collection is the signature shoes by adidas team riders Dennis Busenitz, Lucas Puig, or Tyshawn Jones (2018 Skater of the Year). The Riders Series is an additional facet of the extensive collection, where existing silhouettes such as the adidas 3MC or the adidas Samba are rebuilt by various team riders. Of course, since the company's founding in 1949, adidas has accumulated a considerable archive, and each year vintage models are being dug up and reinterpreted. Just look at models like the adidas Liberty Cup or the adidas Superstar, now newly equipped with features that are central to the adidas Skateboarding Collection.

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 Adidas and Hip-hop.

Ever the all-rounder, adidas has also played an important role in the history of hip-hop. Acts such as Run DMC and the Beastie Boys made adidas a fixed fashion component of the subculture. In addition to the adidas tracksuits in the B-Boy scene, soft shoes such as the adidas Shelltoe, preferably with fat laces, or models such as the adidas Gazelle or adidas Campus, were being worn on-stage and in various music videos. 

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