Satori Wheels

Satori Wheels Vinyl Series 101A - 51mm

Satori was founded in 1998 with the intention of bringing a positive and sustainable perspective to skateboarding. The word "Satori" comes from Japanese Buddhism and means "pure awareness", "instantaneous enlightenment", a state of consciousness. Co-founder, Craig Nejedly, had been reading a book by Dan Millman called The "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" when fellow co-founder called him up with the idea to start a wheel company. Instantly, Craig said let's name the company Satori!! And the rest is history. Satori describes that magic moment in skateboarding when you pop your tail to do a trick and at that moment, from mindless action to rolling away, is that blissful state of Satori. Nothing feels better than rolling away from a hard trick! You have to let all the thoughts go and just do the trick! That is Satori Movement~

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