Topo Designs

Topo design combines the mountains and city life, the classic and the innovation, the timeless and the modern, the look and the functionality - because the founders of the brand did not want to commit themselves to one single way, just as their customers should not do it.


Topo Design - Made in the Rocky Mountains.

2008 friends Mark Hansen and Jedd Rose decided to share a common interest in outdoor activities, which she has accompanied and accompanied since childhood to develop a business idea. They set themselves the goal of creating a brand for outdoor equipment and apparel that consumers can feel connected to. Your products should be high quality but uncomplicated to use. At that time, the two were mainly dedicated to the topic of sustainability , because from experience they know how frustrating it can be to be let down by their equipment while fishing, camping or other outdoor hobbies. Jedd designs products that are durable and made from the highest quality materials, while Mark looks after investors and valuable partnerships. Most of their garments are made directly in Colorado, yet they rely on the know-how and talents of manufacturers from other countries for a variety of their materials. Among other things, Topo Design purchases organic cotton T-shirts from Mexico or insulation materials from Canada. Their program "Repair, Don`t Replace" should further underline their position of sustainability. With a so-called Rehab Center, they try to preserve and repair their customers' favorite pieces, which not only benefits the environment, but also the appreciation and solidarity of consumers.

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