It's no secret that Teva have been making some of the most comfortable and crazy sandals in the game! With practicality and durability in mind, Teva aim to get you outside and moving around. Not only have Teva been making footwear that is both stylish and fun, but they are also doing their best to make it sustainable: as of this year all straps are made from recycled plastic. That's over nine million plastic bottles turned into yarn, along with mindfulness for their water conservation and waste elimination. A big feat for your feet, to say the least.

The Teva sandal is easily recognisable for its two velcro straps, one around the ankle and the other over the bridge of your foot. Where you can't go wrong with the classic black, there are also plenty of colorways to choose from. What better way to bring socks and sandals back in fashion than with a strong, solid, comfy sandal?