Mephisto Shoes

In 1975, Mephisto founder Martin Michaeli had the idea for a very special shoe. The originals. And since 1975, Mephisto has been building this shoe exactly as it did back then: as a unique cult object. The original is as unique as its wearer. A shoe that unites individualists and character heads worldwide. And it has been for 42 years. This is also proven by current collaborations with the Dutch Sneakerstore Patta.

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Mephisto shoes, the original.

Since 1965 Mephisto has been applauded for being the world's most comfortable shoe. When Martin Michaeli moved back to France with the money he made in the USA he set out to design something that was timeless in every sense of the word. The brand has now expanded all over the world, and has won several awards for product ingenuity and durability.

Mephisto Originals is the freshest take on their classic shoe "The Rainbow" - the metal D-rings, the laces, the craftsmanship, and the leather threading a la sunrise. Everything is where it should be, but is now available in more colorways and shapes. They've also pulled off some pretty cool collaborations, like with streetwear label Patta in Amsterdam, who were asking the right questions: do you want to have something in common with Sean Connery and Lucciano Pavarotti? Try walking a mile in their shoes, without any drama or operatic training. Just be yourself.