Karhu Footwear

Founded and based out of Finland, Karhu has been keeping runners on their peak performance since 1916. They've moved through the ranks as the steady underdogs of athletic shoes, and have evolved with the times to be able to provide people with what they need: comfort, precision, and style. Often worn by a group of long-distance runners referred to as the "Flying Finns" Karhu has evolved from their own signature three stripe to a bold capital M. In Finnish, Mestari means "champion," and it's safe to say that's who these shoes are made for.


Bear from the north

The first man to wear Karhu Footwear was Hannes Kolehmainen, one of the "Flying Finns." He is a four-time Olympic Gold medalist, and holds several world records for long-distance running. He may sound like a superstar, but he was also a devoted vegetarian and a bricklayer by trade. His athletic career was interrupted by the First World War, but continued to train and run and perform in competitions that followed. His nickname was "Smiling Hannes," and the pictures say it all. A nice guy and a pioneer in his sport, he was an excellent mensch for Karhu to model their brand after.

Since then Karhu has done a lot of research and development with the University of Jyväskylä on pronation, and their casual sneaker line (Karhu Originals) has one several awards for their retro look and original design. The brand went from producing ski equipment and snow-camouflage suits to stylish footwear for the whole family, and needless to say we are glad that they did.

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