Battenwear is the ultimate brand for every adventurer who wants to wear his favorite clothes in everyday urban life. The designer Shinya Hasegawa stands for his products and emphasizes above all their multifunctional background. His clothes are designed not only to be comfortable, fashionable and practical, but also to accompany their wearer for a long time and gain in value with each wash.

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The inspiration behind Battenwear.

The US label was founded in 2011 in New York with the intention of keeping the entire production as close as possible to the company and its showroom. This made it possible to ensure that every detail of the manufactured garments corresponds with the standards of the designer. Hasegawa himself is a passionate surfer, and has always been an admirer of vintage apparel, 60s and 80s surf & outdoor design specifically. With the products of Battenwear he wants to support the dedication and passion of surfers and other outdoor athletes to their disciplines by providing them with practical, comfortable, and attractive garments.


A look behind the scenes.

To learn more about the brand and its chief designer and founder, Shinya Hasegawa, go check out articles on Hypebeast and GQ. The 10 most important essentials listed on Shinya's GQ article are definitely interesting and inspirational.

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