Arvin Goods

Arvin Goods offers the coolest Zero Waste accessories of our time. Nothing less than the cleanest basics in the world, the label has tacked on its flags. The Seattle US brand products are good for people and the planet and look great!


Arvin Goods - the cleanest socks in the world.

Harry Fricker, the brand's co-founder and ambassador, launched his own design agency a few years ago, specializing in three industries: the outdoors, product design and sustainable fashion. The perfect starting point for an ecological fashion label.

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Unfuck the World!

Arvin Goods produces stylish socks under a simple motto: recover, return, repeat! By using recycled textile waste, the company saves on water and energy that are normally wasted in cotton plants. All textiles are broken down into their basic fibers step-by-step, and then mixed with different threads to produce a fabric that is both versatile and comfortable. These textiles include:

  • Reclaimed cotton - cotton scraps salvaged from all over the world, ideally from manufacturers tha refrain from high water consumption, chemicals, or toxic dyes.
  • Econyl - a regenerated nylon yarn derived from old fishing nets and old carpets... materials that would otherwise be floating in our oceans or be taken to landfills.
  • Polylana - a sustainable alternative to 100% acrylic.

    Also, worn Arvin accessories can be returned to the Material Recycling Center again and again, full circle. 

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