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Parafina CO. Cauce - Mustard

Cauce. Sunglasses made with 100% recycled plastic. They belong to our Eco-Silicone collection. The model Cauce belongs to the Eco-Silicone collection,

in which we have used 100% recycled plastic bottles for the elaboration of the frame. These sunglasses are characterized by the recycling of polyethylene terephthalate, better known as PET. This material is used in the production of packaging and textiles. With these sunglasses we prevent this type of plastic from reaching the sea.

The main features of the sunglasses that make up this collection are that they are waterproof, ultra light, resistant and adjustable to your motorcycle helmet.

The lenses incorporated in the channel model have a mirrored coating, which protects against radiation and an anti-reflective. In addition, they are polarized and have UV 400 protection.

The design of the case that will come with your sunglasses is a case like the children of our social project in Asunción, Paraguay. Next to it, you will receive a pencil that you can plant to reduce CO2 emissions.

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