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"HEART" a Book by Lucas Beaufort

First of all, a big THANK YOU to Lucas Beaufort for "doing" this project.

The mammoth task of dealing with the most important skatshops worldwide is hard to imagine, but somehow Lucas managed it. The result is an absolute collector's item that should not be missing in any well-stocked skateboard library.
HEART combines four decades of unique skate shop history on over 400 pages. Skateboarding as we know and love it today would never have been possible without Skatshops.
Skateshops - every skateboarder can still remember his first visit and every skateboarder connects one or the other experience with his local skate shop. This book is dedicated to all of these skateshops around the world, they always were and will be the foundation of our skateboard culture.

  • 9782958067809
  • ST17683
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