Vans x Yardsale "L.A. Pack"

The first collab between the British skate brand from London and skateboard sneaker heavyweight from Anaheim. RELEASE 22/12 / at 11:00am CET in-tore and online!

Yardsale is considered one of the newcomers of 2018, at least when it comes to hyped European skate brands. Palace and Supreme was yesterday, the future is here now. Other major brands see that the same way, not without reason you get a Vans Collab offered. The release of the British brand is nothing short of the acclaimed Vans x Pop Trading Company release of the Dutch colleagues from Amsterdam.

You can’t do anything wrong with the Vans Authentic add a few details here and there are enough to give the shoes that certain something - true to the motto: "less is more". Yardsale took this design motto to heart with their pack and, aside from the embroidered Yardsale logo on the tongue, they gave the Authenitc just a cool "rally strip" on the side of the outsole, and dipped the suede leather upper in a subtle beige coloway.

As Quasi Skateboards has proved in the past, the Vans Epoch - a legendary model from the 90s - is a grateful template for trendy collabs. Yardsale’s version of the Epoch followed their very own design concept and replaced the striking Vans sidestripe, as a subtle outline seam. The "Rally Strip" is also the dominant part of the Sneaker and is thwarted with a wine red upper made of rough leather.

Both Vans x Yardsale models are definitely successful and come with all Vans Pro features like Durccap, Ultracush HD, etc.