Vans Rowan Pro

Rowan Zorilla x Vans: The first glimpse of the latest Vans Pro was of Tyson opening a box full of stuff. Blue stuff.

A signature silhouette but with a bit of flair. Sounds familiar? If you saw Rowan's Baker 4 part then yeah, looks familiar. Watching Rowan skate is watching someone throw their body around so much that you think there's no way he'll make it. It may look like he's all over the place, but he goes hard. The shoes themselves are a little higher than the Old Skool Pro, but not as high as the Sk8-Mid, and are grippier and more durable than ever before. They also feature better impact absorption and energy return, so you can jump and fall as high and hard as Rowan. Don't miss out on these, available Saturday February 15.

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