VANS PRO SKATE - A Closer Look

VANS is by far one of the oldest skateboard sneaker brands in the world. Countless colors and designs of the Old Skool, Authentic or the ERA model adorned the feet of young and old since 1966. Meanwhile, just as many other models, styles and collections belong to the VANS family. We would like to give you a detailed overview of the VANS PRO SKATE collection and its very special features and technologies.

Due to the rapid development of skateboarding, the demand for shoes has become correspondingly larger and more diverse. Each sneaker brand responded in its own way to this tremendous change and VANS also began to equip his skateboard shoes with ever better and more sophisticated technology and materials. The most important features of the VANS PRO SKATE line are the following names or features.


The Pro Classic series are probably the best-known silhouettes by VANS - the Old Skool, the Authentic, the Era, the Half Cab and the Slip-On. These models differ from the "normal" styles of the Classic collection with features such as DURACAP or ULTRACUSH ™ HD.P11779025a8afb8393e68


In addition to the Pro Classic line, Pro Performance also has a large number of pro models from the VANS skate team. With Chima Ferguson, Gilbert Crockett, Anthony van Engelen, Geoff Rowley, Tony Trujillo and Kyle Walker, there are six pro models. The latter being named Skater of the Year in 2016 by Thrasher. The Pro Performance line is also characterized by the fact that most shoes, in addition to the DURACAP still have other features such as WAFFLECUP, RAPIDWELD or ULTRACUSH 3D technology.


DURACAP is a rubber layer that runs underneath those areas that are particularly stressed by skateboarding. This layer can be different for each model, depending on how it is constructed. For most models, especially those made of canvas material, the DURACAP rubber runs on the front outside and in the front part of the upper part of the shoe. The rubber not only gives extra grip, but also ensures a decent longevity, helping to save some money and nerves. The DURACAP can be found in almost all VANS PRO SKATE models.


ULTRACUSH is the insole cushioning system produced from a polyurethane base for the following purposes. 1. To embed the foot as deep as possible in the shoes and thus have closer to the board, was also to lead to more Bordfeeling. 2. To provide the highest possible level of protection during hard landings. The ULTRACUSH ™ HD. Insole is found in almost all VANS PRO SKATE models. ULTRACUSH-TM-HD-footbed_Classic


VANS prides itself on its special waffle sole - and rightly so. Hardly any other sole sticks better on the board than this particular outsole. The original VANS sole is made of vulcanised rubber. But what does vulcanized mean? First of all, vulcanization is a chemical process whereby rubber is rendered pressure and heat resistant, otherwise the rubber will quickly become porous and unable to withstand the weather conditions. In addition, rubber is blended with sulfur when heated, and the resulting gum has all the properties that can be obtained in the production, e.g. Shoes needed. It is sturdy, elastic and, due to its permanently elastic properties, it does not lose its original shape. After vulcanization, the various components of the sneaker are glued together under heat. The biggest advantage of a vulcanized sole is that it has a better on-board feel than a cup sole due to its flexible properties. The vulc sole is usually also thinner than cup soles, which means that you do not have to go into the shoe long, but has the disadvantage that they have less damping and wear off faster. All VANS PRO CLASSIC models are equipped with the original waffle sole, with the Pro Collection using a very abrasion-resistant rubber for the outsole.
The waffle cup construction by VANS is a mixture of cup sole and vulcanized sole. With the vulcanized sole, the entire sole is glued to the shoe. In this variant, initially only an unhardened rubber band is wound around the upper part of the shoe. Subsequently, the sole, in which the inner area consists of natural rubber and the outer area of ​​solid polyurethane, is inserted inside the rubber area. Now, similar to the vulcanization, by heat and pressure, all parts are connected and hardened - Voila the waffle cup sole is ready. The waffle cup now has the softness and flexibility of the Vulc sole in the inner area and the strength and stability of the cup sole on the outside. Only the weight of the sole is a few higher than vulcanized soles. The VANS WAFFLECUP sole is available in the following models: Kyle Walker, Gilbert Crockett or Chima 2. WAFFLECUP-Pro-PerformanceWaffle_SoleULTRACUSH 3D TECHNOLOGY
The new VANS Chima Pro 2 is the first to upgrade the ULTRACUSH cushioning. With the lightweight and thinner Ultracash Lite insole - which is barely used on the Pro Skate models - the heel has a double-density PU foam around the heel. This specially shaped heel cup provides an incredible grip and more cushioning, especially in the rear of the shoe, compared to the conventional ULTRACUSH Lite insole. Of course, the front part of the insole remains very thin, which of course also makes the board feel noticeable, but unfortunately also brings with it the disadvantage that is expected in this area less attenuation.




The VANS sneakers with RAPIDWELD technology have a synthetic and seamless, yet breathable upper with a welded DURACAP layer in the areas that are particularly stressed by skating. This technology is available in the VANS PRO SKATE collection exclusively on the promodel by Anthony van Engelen and is also wearable as a vegan skateboard shoe!




A few VANS PRO SKATE models feature a seamless inner sock that wraps around the foot for a more comfortable and secure fit in the shoe. The LUXLINER feature can also be found in the Pro Skate at the promodel by Anthony van Engelen, as well as the ULTRARANGE PRO shoe.FA17_Skate_UltraRangePro_VN0A3DOSY28_BlkWht_ElvPair