#STILROLLING at home challenge

A lot of us are spending some quality time at home during the quarantine, and we are here for it! There's nothing quite like looking out the window, chilling in the sunshine and dreaming of wheels on concrete. It's a tough time to be a skater! 

But, with the #STILROLLING at home challenge, we can pull through the boredom in style!

Here's how it works:
-Film one (several) skateboard trick from home. Doesn't matter if it's on the carpet or on the toilet, just a deck or full setup. The key is that the trick has to be filmed from home! Please proceed with caution, and make sure that no bones, brains, vases, furniture, dogs, cats, or flatmates are harmed while catching those clips! 

- Post the trick on Instagram as a story or post, and tag us @stilladen with the hashtag #stilrolling and nominate three other persons.

After the end of the Covid-19 exit restrictions, the best, funniest, most creative and innovative clips will have a chance at winning some sick prizes, including but not limited to T-Shirts, Decks, and Sneakers. 

We are stoked to see what you can come up with! Also, one again, please do not hurt yourselves... the hospitals have enough to worry about without having to worry about broken bones and torn muscles. Stil Laden will not assume any responsibility or liability, and participation is voluntary and under the agency of the participant. 

Stay home & stay safe!