Stil-Laden x Mark Gonzales T-Shirts

There’s no doubt about it: quarantine has and continues to be a trying time for all of us, especially your local independent skate shop (hi!). OG skateboarder and artist Mark Gonzales is no stranger to these hardships, and showed up for the community by designing a graphic and logo for twenty-four different skate shops, us being one of them!

It is both an honor and a much-needed reminder of why we need to keep the people and places love, close. More love! More skateboarding! And so, with our hearts full and our bank accounts empty we are releasing three t-shirts— one black, one gray, one white— that will hopefully bring us all a bit closer together. The shirts feature the owl that Gonzales designed for us in a few colors, a wee pal to carry us through. Not only that, but we also asked team rider and shopkeep Louis to put together a video of some local talent. The shirts look good, but the kids are looking better. Here’s to good days ahead! Shirts dropping this Friday …One Love! Stil-Laden