As some of you have noticed, we are currently rebuilding our store. The soft-opening will take place on Friday, 11/05 at 11:00 and the relaunch party on Saturday, 12/05 at 17:00!

We have done a lot of things for our reopening and hope that you celebrate them just as we do!

The following features await you this weekend:

• The voyeur business crew from Vienna will present their latest clip incl. a special VOYEUR x STIL-LADEN T-Shirt series.

• Together with NIKE SB we have a limited Apparel Collection for you in stock.

• The SKATEBOARDMUSEUM from Berlin shows with the kind support of VANS their latest exhibition "SKATEBOARDNIG IS NOT A FASHION

• A very special highlight will be the largest selection of skateboard books & magazines in Europe!

• Furthermore, for the first time we have some reissue boards on the wall for our skateboardveterans and everything else that goes with it, such as wheels, trucks, patches, pins and so on.

• Of course, there's plenty of new stuff like the new DIME Spring 2018 collection, PALACE Summer 2018 Boards, as well as a re-stock of the WHYRUS and CONFUS DVD's!

We are looking forward to your visit!

Ride On,