Made for Skate "Panic Room" by Nike SB & Stil-Laden

NIKE SB X MADE FOR SKATE have a long history together - starting in 2003 with NIKE SB sponsoring the Skateboardmuseum and since 2007 celebrating special MADE FOR SKATE X NIKE SB events and displays all over the world!

Skateboarders have always paid a lot of attention to shoes. After all, they’re what connects us to our boards – and to the world at large. Today, skateboard footwear is a massive market. And everyone wears skate shoes – without necessarily skating in them. Skateboard shoes exert a tremendous in uence on fashion – and vice versa. But skateboard shoes not only connect us to our boards, but to our personal history. There’s a powerful sense of getting back into synch with your past that sets in when you remember wearing a certain type of shoe.


The Skatbeoardmuseum created the special exhibition and the book MADE FOR SKATE - The Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear to document the long way skateboarding shoes have come. Soon after the rst public exhibition in London, Stil Laden in Vienna invited the SKateboardmuseum to set up the 2nd MADE FOR SKATE display at the Nike Lab exhibition space in 2007. As the Skateboardmuseum so does Stil Laden have a long relationship with Nike SB as Stil was one of the rst Nike SB accounts in Europe.


2019 MADE FOR SKATE celebrated the 10th anniversary of the MADE FOR SKATE Book with a complete reworked and updated edition of the book with a strong focus on signature skateboard shoes and now we are back in Vienna - the city that was always a hub for counter-culture, artists and skate- boarders! Stil Laden has created the “SKATE GOODS” Gallery and MADE FOR SKATE is honoured to be rst instalment in this amazing space.


Therefore the Skateboardmuseum has created for the rst time a special 360° colourful room installation to present the MADE FOR SKATE X Nike SB exhibits from the MADE FOR SKATE 10th anniversary book. The wallpaper is a collage of many famous Nike SB ads and rider photos next to a special oor print of all skated Nike SB shoes from the MADE FOR SKATE archive.


Displaying original PRE Nike SB shoes from the 70s to the 90s like skated blazers and Air Jordans next to super rare SB Dunks and of course the Nike SB signatures shoes like the PRod, Janoski, Koston, Nyjah and Shane! Next to specials like “What the Dunk”, Supreme Dunks, personally skated and hand drawn shoes by Lance Mountain, and of course all four MADE FOR SKATE X Nike SB collaborations and colorways!


For the 2009 book launch of MADE FOR SKATE we got the chance to design an ultra-limited run of the iconic Blazer high-top. The blazer is an incredibly versatile medium for paying homage to historic skateboard footwear mod- els, and we had just a right classic in mind.


For the next collab the Skateboard Museum and came up with a concept for a low-top Nike SB Dunk based on a special piece of skateboarding history. The trusty red Roller Derby Skateboard from the 1950s provided the inspiration for a red, white and black Dunk featuring classic Roller Derby artwork printed on the insole.


Next up, we did some guest designing on a special music-inspired project: A Nike SB x Chuck Treece collab celebrating the musical in uence of Chuck Treece and his band McRad. The colorway for the special Nike SB Dunk High Premium pays homage to Chuck’s appearance on the May 1984 cover of Thrasher magazine, as well as 1986 album cover art for McRad’s ‘Dominant Force’ album.



Finally, we worked on a not-so limited release when we gave the mid-top Nike SB Dunk the MADE FOR SKATE treatment. Anyone who knows our head curator Jürgen Blümlein knows that he’s mad about camou age of all shapes and kinds – and that’s where the duck hunter camo paired with royal blue accents paying homage to the famous 80s Mad Rats skate shorts.



More about Nike Sb and all other skateboard shoes, trends and styles visitors can read in the lates edition of the MADE FOR SKATE book or just scan the QR Codes next to the displays to get more information at!



Make sure when you are in the beautiful city of Vienna to come by to Stil Laden and see the installation personally, collect a special MFS X Stil Poster and support a true skateshop by hart!