Last Resort Footwear - ready to break free!

If you managed to catch Slam City London's catch-up with Pontus Alv, then you know that the creative juices have been flowing over at Polar HQ.

Not only have they managed to get through the world-wide coronavirus shut-down with grace, but they are moving forward with the autumn and winter season with a few tricks up their sleeves.

That's right, folks, the people who brought baggy pants back into the mainstream are coming at you with a skate shoe that has been designed as a healthy counter to mainstream shoe culture. Ever wondered what it would be like to look down at your feet and not see stars, stripes, and swooshes, let alone ignore the urge to keep up with all the shoes that big brands keep churning out? Well, thanks to Polar, we'll all be a bit closer to that dream.

Dropping on Friday, September 18 in several colorways, Last Resort AB are bringing you skate shoes that will be available for purchase worldwide. All we know about the shoe so far is that it's classic, canvas, and complete with a durable (and cheeky) rubber sole (gone are the days of rocks and pebbles stuck to your sole!) Keep an eye on our Instagram for more details. We hope you're as excited as we are!

Keep pushin'.