Adidas Skateboarding x Alltimers

RELEASE 04/11/2017

In August of 2013 in New York City, Alltimers launched, quickly gaining notoriety as a result of their humorous and unconventionally-shaped boards. Alltimers is serious about not taking itself too seriously, while simultaneously being committed to high quality, innovative products and wild concepts. Since 2013, Alltimers has striven for perfection in everything they do. Perfection has different definitions for different people—be it a buttaz tre, equal parts sweet and dry vermouth, some well-cooked pasta, a bolts magic trick, or a tropical day of daiquiris and snorkeling. Alltimers, in collaboration with adidas Skateboarding’s staff of top-tier scientists, teamed up to design a line that, regardless of individual taste, is the right fit for any situation. Alltimers. adidas. Perfect for Everything.