5 Questions with....

Darko Stevanovic

In this section we will ask some local Viennese skaters 5 questions and present them here on our blog. The beginning is made by skatepark planner and Stil-shop riders Darko Stevanovic, who is responsible for the popular Gürtel plaza. Here we go:

What is your favorite spot or park?
At the moment I'm skating I love the Gürtel as I have everything I need to skate. Curbs, banks, flat and enough space to skate lines. The Vibe, the people, the possibility.

How did you get to plan skateparks?
By the interest of my two great passions, skateboarding and architecture, joined together.

What is planned in Vienna next?
Currently there are no plans for a new park but two are being built at the moment. One on the Lorettowiese and the other one in Leopoldau, both in the 21st district.

What is the best about skating in Vienna for you?
The possibility to push on the almost perfect ground, through the whole city or from spot to spot and to be able to do without any means of transport.

What would you change?
If I could, I would gladly equip some public parks and / or unused areas with small skatespots, which are fitting in the overall picture and not necessarily are "Skaterparks".

Alright thanks!