*15 YEARS STIL-LADEN" collection by Peter Phobia

It is not easy to come up with something for a fifteenth anniversary. Especially in times like these, where a big contest or party are not possible or appropriate.

To respect those around us, we decided instead to curate an exceptionally beautiful collection for our "birthday”. After scouring our network for someone who shares our love of skateboarding and street wear, we came across Peter’s contact relatively quickly.

This is not the first time we wanted to start a small project with Peter, but for some reason we never quite got there. Another reason we are glad things fell the way they did, and that it all worked out.
Peter was, is, and will hopefully always be a friend of our shop. The artist, who originally comes from Germany, studied here in Vienna and now lives as a successful illustrator in New York. It’s always cool to see how somebody’s skateboard roots come across in their current works.

We are proud fans and supporters of his, and are in good company: Peter’s work has been featured in the likes of the New York Times, The New Yorker Magazine, i-D, Rimowa, Samsung, and many more. If you want to know more about him and his work, check out his website: https://peterphobia.com/