Banzai Alu Skateboard Large - Silver

In 1976, Californian-founded Banzai Skateboards created a timeless slalom skateboard made entirely from anodised aluminium that cemented its place in the history of skateboarding - the godfather of decks. Today, Banzai re-emerge with the release of its original lineup from their 70’s archives. A selection of exquisitely constructed boards brought back to life to stand for inclusivity, connection, vision and voice at the heart of skateboarding culture. They celebrate a shared spirit and philosophy as we cruise into a new world, and inspire a new generation of skaters whose Banzai boards will be apart of their journey for years to come.

Equipped with thicker, shock-absorbing riser pads and a wheelbase near modern skateboards, hovering through the city becomes a new sensation. The specially heat-treated aluminum alloy allows stability and power transmission at any speed.

• Large 28.5‘‘ / 72 cm

• Hand-brushed and entirely made from anodized aluminum

• Grippy urethane wheel

• Ceramic bearing

• Lightweight x-caliber truck

• Stainless mounting part

• High riser shock absorbe

• Aircraft-type vibration free locknuts

  • BA-GT-L/0012
  • ST17363
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