Coffee and more …

Sustainability is a top priority at our little Lindengasse coffee shop. Since October 2019, we have had the pleasure of serving up cappuccinos and americanos with coffee from local specialty coffee roaster, Süssmund. They pride themselves on a direct-trade relationship with importers and farmers around the world, and aim to make that afternoon espresso as sustainable and ethically sourced as possible. If you're in a hurry, you can take your coffee to go in a compostable coffee cup, but we also supply and encourage the use of reuseable coffee cups like the Keep Cup, Weducer, or Kaffeeform.

Supporting local makers and creators is another important part of sustainability. We have a number of ceramic wares from Vienna ceramics studio Studio OK on disply and for purchase, and our vegan pastries from bakery Ausnahmsweise are second to none. And, if you plan on bringing some of our coffee beans home with you, we also offer a selection of home-brewing equipment. Whether you're a pour-over freak or the Aeropress is more your style, we are happy to help and inspire you to upgrade your coffee routine. 

To make sure that nobody is left out of the equation, we converted a wee corner of our cafe into a children's corner, so that mom and dad can enjoy their coffee in peace. So if you are looking for quiet respite from the hustle of the high street, good people and good coffee, we saved you a seat in the window.