Summer'21 Women Lookbook

There's nothing like a well-thought-out summer wardrobe, especially when the temperature starts hitting those late thirties (in the shade!) Stay prepared this summer by securing yourself with the right choice of sandals & apparel.


What about a pair of hemp pants from the people's favorite outdoor brand, Patagonia. Hemp is one of the most environmentally sustainable fabrics out there, and also happen to be just the right weight for this time of year. Comfortable and breezy is the only way to beat this heat.

Remember the beaches of Nice, the cool wind coming off the sea and the way the ice cream always tasted sweeter? The Rivieras slip-on shoes provide the comfort of a sturdy sneaker with the easy-going nature of your favorite pair of sandals. And the best part? You don't need to be playing boules to wear them! Available in all sizes. 



This is the second year we get to be proud stockists of the people's favorite sandal brand -  Teva. Naturally, this also means our range has vastly expanded to include several new colors and styles for both men and women! Get yourself a sandal that can be both-- a hardy shoe ready for every adventure, and a cute little something something to wear on the beach, the plaza, the city, or around the garden. A different color for every mood seemed excessive to us just a few months ago, but now that the warm weather is upon us it's starting to sound like a good way to fight the heat!

Not only does Carhartt WIP boast an incredibly talented lineup of skateboarders on their team, but they have also been pushing out long-lasting, reliable clothing since pretty much forever. The company started in the late 1800s in Detroit, Michigan with only two sewing machines and five factory workers, doing their best to put out goods that would help provide workers with safe, sturdy clothing for work. The brand have now expanded to include everybody and anybody who wants good clothes. Plain and simple. We are now proud to offer shirts and pants for men, women, and everyone in between.